In modern works of fiction we may encounter any functional speech types. Most classifications do not distinguish the language of fiction as a separate style (as well as belleslettres The term "functional style" reflects peculiar functions of the language in some type of communicative interaction. •. What does a Professor do? Professors typically do the following: Teach courses in a wide variety of subjects, such as chemistry, culinary arts, and nursing. Work with students who are studying for a degree or a certificate or certification or are taking classes to improve their knowledge or career skills. Develop a curriculum for their course. There are many types of sign language. While there are specific, classified types of Sign Language that make up the general base to signing systems, dialects are also created, oftentimes creating a version of the base sign system that is unique and prevailing amongst the deaf community of a local. In higher education a course is a unit of teaching that typically lasts one academic term, is led by one or more instructors (teachers or professors), and has a fixed roster of students. A course usually covers an individual subject. Courses generally have a fixed program of sessions every week during the term, called lessons or classes..

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